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AztecGoddessThinMr3B by mr3b

 There was a fierce competition throughout the land for the hand of the Emperor to be his queen. The task of selecting a candidate would befall to the temple priests. For the selected woman, her village would be paid her weight in gold after the first year of marriage. Our local priests rounded up all eligible maidens and I was selected not just because of my beauty and warrior skills, but the greedy priests could see another quality that they had in mind for me.

 My village was poor and getting anything to eat was always a struggle. I was always hungry and ready to eat. I was tall and thin at 110kbs. I traveled with our priests to the capitol and we were to wait at the royal palace for the Emperors return from a battle. Upon our arrival lavish banquettes were laid out are available for all the candidates. I could not believe my eyes at all the rich foods. I could not resist and if I was not asleep I would be in the harem room eating my fill. I absolutely loved the sensation of being filled with all the food I could and I did not care or mind a bit that my young athletic body was beginning to soften and fill out.

 The priests looked at each other with approving nods and rush off to gather ingredients for a rich concoction they called “royal Honey” I was to be feed this 4 times a day. What I did not know was the standard of beauty held by the Emperor and royal court. Corpulent obese women were considered a prize and status symbol of their wealth and prosperity. Little did I realize but in the 2 moons I was in their care and feeding, I added 40kbs in all the right places.

tumblr n71rj52BLT1rnchuwo3 1280 by mr3b
tumblr n71rj52BLT1rnchuwo3 1280

 The other maidens indulged as well and all of the other women at the palace were of considerable size and all ate freely and often. What they did not have was the added benefit of the royal honey my priests were now stuffing me with. This concoction was not only heavy in calories, but an appetite stimulant and fertility enhancers. The royal honey would turn my young maiden’s body into the Emperors dream queen in no time. I was helping things along as I packed myself with all the rich food and delicacies as I thought it was a dream to be full and appreciated for my now curvaceous body and ravenous appetite. They could see my selection and potential was going to be beyond their expectations.

  The Emperors return was to be a celebration of feast and drink. All the maidens were to perform and his selection would be made. That day we were washed, decorated, hair done and made up to be as appealing as possible. We were paraded in front of the royal court. We joined the banquette and I did not realize I was being closely watched as I proceeded to stuff myself full of the wonderful offerings. When it was my time to entertain I did my native dance and my now voluptuous body was shaking with all my new fat. We were lined up and I had filled my hands with some of the treats to snack on while the Emperor walked up and down the line up. He stopped at me and held out his hand, I had to shove one handful in my mouth so I could take his hand and he held it high with the applause of all gathered.

AztecMr3B by mr3b

 It was to be a week before our wedding. The priests were in a frenzy making royal honey for me. It seems they were no longer satisfied to just let me feed myself all I wanted, but now wanted to constantly pack me full of food all day. I protested and was pulled to the side and reminded of my now duty to the Emperor and my village, as my weight in gold was now assured to be paid. I guess I did not mind one bit as I just loved the attention and now I had a goal to be the biggest queen possible. That 1 week with all the help, royal honey and my unabashed indulgence I packed on 25kbs more. What did I care if I was getting quite fat, I loved to eat! The wedding came and the honeymoon night arrived. I was filled with more than 2 moons worth of the royal honey and on top of that my 18suns body was very fertile already. When the Emperor sprayed me with his royal seed that night I was pregnant, very pregnant. The priests confirmed that I was to carry 4 children for the kingdom. My Emperor was ecstatic and very pleased with his selecting me and my fertility.

AztecGoddessPregMr3B by mr3b

 The feeding and care continued throughout the 9moons I was with royal child. I was enormous. So big I had stopped walking and was now carried around on a royal litter that first was carried by 4 unicks but as I ballooned needed 6 to bare me around. I looked as big as a house. My pregnant fat belly started between my growing tits and arched out in front of me so far I could not get my own arms around it. I was getting so big that the growth stopped going out but my loins started swelling to the side. I was so ripe with life. My arms no longer could hang to my sides but stuck out at 45deg angles pushed out by my ripening body. My ass was enormous and grew as a counter balance to the balloon of a belly I was carrying. My thighs thickened to be as big around as tree trunks. The royal honey did one more thing for me; I did not get cellulite or stretch marks anywhere on my body. As rapidly as I was expanding you would think I would think I would be covered but it was as if my body was now built to do nothing but grow. When I delivered our royal children I weighed 363kbs. More than 3 times my body weight upon my arrival at the royal palace, my new house.

AztecGoddessBellyMr3B by mr3b

 The priest’s greed and exuberance had thrown their plan for me off a little. I had 3 moons to go before my weight in gold would be paid. They made a deal with my Emperor and I was locked in our royal boudoir for that time. The game was now really on for them. I was hooked to this contraption where royal honey flowed into me all the time, straight down my throat and into my expanding body. I loved the felling of being constantly full and packed to bursting. The Emperor was in nightly to pound his ripening queen and I was again pregnant with now 6 royal children but they were too young to contribute much to my weight. My children were able to suckle from me and I believe they were growing strong on all the milk I was able to produce from my growing tits. You are what you eat.

 The day for me to be weighed arrived and I emerged with much assistance on my tree trunk legs and waddled to a pendulum scale with a large pile of gold bricks already on one side of the pans. As I walked the royal court looked approvingly on and my Emperor had a big smile for me. Swollen, fat as a prize hog, I did not sag into rolls of fat but just looked firm, rotund and round like I was made to carry my weight normally. My ass and thighs grown to accommodate the big belly and tits that stuck straight out in front of me, preventing me from even a glimpse of my feet. I was seated and the scales tipped in my favor. 70 additional bricks were necessary to bring my new bulk into financial balance. I started to cry with my happiness. I had brought tremendous wealth and honor to my village and was now a fat queen of the land as expected of me. I was a whooping 393kbs now and I just loved my new body and royal life. I was truly one of the largest women in the kingdom and all in just 1 sun. My Emperor came and tried to wrap his arms around all of me, but had to settle for placing a hand atop my swollen belly and give it a pat and a good shake that I could feel wiggling my entire bloated body. He turned a yelled aloud “my beautiful queen.” I would keep gaining and ended giving my Emperor 27 children. But nothing to top or come close to that 1st sun at the palace.



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